Half Sky

Half Sky is located in Lugu Township, a site with two waterfalls. Because of the long term surrounding cloud mist, the village and bamboo view forms a partly visible and partly disappearing scene.

Bamboo Trail

The bamboo trail is located right across Shante Hotel. The trail leads to a river where you can hear the sound of wind and birds chirping. Many TV shows have held film shootings on the bamboo trail.

Ci Lin Lake

Ci Lin Lake was formed 160 years ago, formally used for farmland irrigation. The lake is clear green, like a piece of mirror, with surrounding tea plant forming a magnificent view of countryside.

Lotus Forest

Lotus Forest is a tourist attraction formed after the 921 Earthquake. It is humongous swamp filled with china fir and dead wood.

Bagua Tea Garden

Zhushan is a very important industrial township for the production of leaves. The extending mountainous landscape makes the entire area form an exquisite view.

Xitou Nature Education Area

The Xitou Nature Education Area is one of seven sectors of National Taiwan University Experimental Forest. Three sides of the area are surrounded by mountain, creating a delightfully cool weather for vacation. There are approximately 300 different kinds of woody plants, 1300 various herbal plants, and 70 species of Taiwan birds habitats.

Ginkgo Forest

Ginkgo Forest is located between Lugu Township and Zhushan Township. The weather is pleasantly cool, with surrounding mist. Because of the high altitude, it is a suitable environment for planting tea.

Sun Link Sea Forest and Nature Resort

Sun Link Sea Forest and Nature Resort have rare flowers and uncommon trees, forming colors of purple and red. It also has a very magnificent waterfall. The view is the reason why the resort has seasonal exhibitions.

Neihu Elementary School

After the 921 big earthquake in 1999, Neihu Elementary School became the last rebuilt school in Taiwan. The fir trees and camphora trees fills the school with an earth-like sensation. The design of Neihu Elementary School is originated from American and Japanese-styled buildings, using boulder paving for walls and gravel for roads. Opening time: 06:00~18:00 every weekend.

Green Tunnel

The Green Tunnel, 4.5km long, is located between Mingjian Township and Jiji Township. The camphora trees have been planted since 1940, shadowing the pathway. The railway beside the tunnel became a perfect location for wedding picture scenery, having trains passing by occasionally.