Reservation Guide

<Accommodation Rules>

  1. Check-in Time: 15:00PM  
  2. Check-out Time: 11:00AM 
  3. Breakfast:  07:00 - 09:30AM
  4. Afternoon Tea & Beverage Exchange: 13:00 -16:00PM
  5. Dinner: 17:30 - 19:30PM(Latest order time: 19:00)
  6. Shuttle Bus Time:09:30~17:00(An interval of 30 minutes; Reserve 20 minutes before each departure); No departure at 11:30AM; Guests are limited to one round-trip per day, with an additional 50NTD for the second time. 

No smoking for all areas; For the quality for all guests, please keep quiet after 22:00PM
* Appointed Store of National Credit Card Cente(for Visa, MasterCard, JCB)
* Free Wifi at Lobby and ADSL at guest rooms
* Forbidden of pets in guest rooms

【Reservation Guide】

  1. Please leave your first and last name, contact number, and date of entry stay
  2. An advance deposit must be transferred within three days after reservation
  3. If the advance deposit was not transferred within three days, the reserved room will be cancelled without notice
  4. After transferring the deposit, please call and notify our staff to complete your reservation
  5. If an irresistible cause comes up, please notify the hotel 7 days beforehand of the reserved date, an one-time extension can be made within the three months
  6. Refunds are based on the date reserve:
    • Cancellation 14 days before date of stay: 100% refundable
    • Cancellation 10-13 days before date of stay: 70% refundable
    • Cancellation 7-9 days before date of stay: 50% refundable
    • Cancellation 4-6 days before date of stay: 40% refundable, extension unavailable
    • Cancellation 2-3 days before date of stay: 30% refundable, extension unavailable
    • Cancellation the day before date of stay: 20% refundable, extension unavailable
    • Cancellation on the day of stay: nonrefundable and extension unavailable 
  7. If encounter typhoon, with the government of Taiwan calling off school and work, a refund of 100% or an extension can be made.


  1. Taichung Commercial Bank- Zhushan Branc (053)
    Account Number: 052-22-1082681
  2. E.Sun Bank- Yuanlin Branch(808) After reservation, guests will receive a virtual account number. Please transfer the exact amount stated in the mobile message.